cs 1.6 ServerOnline



Serverinfo, by Hama.Tn

Get status of defined servers (server name, current map, players/maxplayers, etc)

Place serverlist.ini in amxmodx/data directory and add the addresses you want.
(Note MAX_SERVERS definition!)

Cvars & Commands:
- srv_format - response format for queries
- srv_format2 - response format when couldn't get server status

- say /servers - prints the status of servers defined in serverlist.ini

Response format variables:
$type - HL1 / HL2
$ip - ip address
$host - hostname
$map - current map
$dir - gamedirectory (e.g. cstrike)
$mod - modname (e.g. Counter-Strike)
$players - players/maxplayers
$pw - password protected? (Yes/No)

$timeleft - time remaining on current map
$nextmap - next map

1.00 - Initial release
1.01 - Fixed maxplayers showing as 0 when there are no players
1.10 - Added $timeleft and $nextmap
- Improved speed

Thanks to:
Kraugh for helping me with the byte values in the response

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