cs 1.6 Zombie Survival Mode Free Download

 Features & Others in developer

- SyPB Advanced A.I (The bots are smarter)

- Double capacity of money

- Double BP Ammo

- Zombie System (Only bots can be zombies)

- Ambience & Gamemode from original Zombie Scenario

- Buy Zones (Only humans can buy)

- Zombie Classes

- Support custom and not custom maps (Not custom = original maps from cs)

- Round System (In developer)

- Final Round (Boss) (In developer)

- Bonus Round (Special Zombie) (In developer)

- Zombie Scenario Shop (Special Weapons & Items) (In developer)

- Upgrade System (In developer)

- Zombie Skills (Abilities) (In developer)


Zombie Scenario - 1.0 RC1

- Public Release.

Zombie Scenario - 1.1 RC1

- Added Trigger Clip: Only zombies can pass through the clip, humans cannot.

- Added slot restriction: 10 real players maximum per map.

- Added CFG File.

- Fixed SOLID body attribute.

- Fixed "worldspawn" kill zombie at the round starts.

- Removed "Gun Pickup" sound from Bots (Zombies)

- Decreased zombie attack damage.  

Zombie Scenario - 1.2 RC1

- Added native library

- Added Zombie Class System

- Added Money reward per class

- Added female zombies

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Author:DavidJr, Nexon, CSDZ


Keep alive and escape from zombies strike!

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