CS1.6 Parachute Plugin + model


Press your +USE Button (defaulted to "e") to use the parachute.


  Version: 1.3

  Author: KRoTaL/JTP10181

  0.1 Release

  0.1.1 Players can't buy a parachute if they already own one

  0.1.2 Release for AMX MOD X

  0.1.3 Minor changes

  0.1.4 Players lose their parachute if they die

  0.1.5 Added amx_parachute cvar

  0.1.6 Changed set_origin to movetype_follow (you won't see your own parachute )

  0.1.7 Added amx_parachute <name> | admins with admin level a get a free parachute

  0.1.8 JTP - Cleaned up code, fixed runtime error

  1.0 JTP - Should be final version, made it work on basically any mod

  1.1 JTP - Added Changes from AMX Version 0.1.8

               Added say give_parachute and parachute_fallspeed cvar

               Plays the release animation when you touch the ground

               Added chat responder for automatic help

  1.2 JTP - Added cvar to disable the detach animation

               Redid animation code to improve organization

               Force "walk" animation on players when falling

               Change users gravity when falling to avoid choppiness

  1.3 JTP - Upgraded to pCVARs





 say buy_parachute - buys a parachute (CStrike ONLY)


 saw sell_parachute - sells your parachute (75% of the purchase price)


 say give_parachute <nick, #userid or @team> - gives your parachute to the player


 amx_parachute <nick, #userid or @team> - gives a player a free parachute (CStrike ONLY)


 amx_parachute @all - gives everyone a free parachute (CStrike ONLY)



 sv_parachute "1" - 0: disables the plugin - 1: enables the plugin


 parachute_cost "1000" - cost of the parachute (CStrike ONLY)


 parachute_payback "75" - how many percent of the parachute cost you get when you sell your parachute (ie. (75/100) * 1000 = $750)


 parachute_fallspeed "100" - speed of the fall when you use the parachute


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