Admin Models + Tutorial



1⇁Copy the scripting folder (Or the files inside it)

2⇁Replace with the scripting folder of our dedicated server

3⇁Copy/Replace the folder Models/player/ADMINCT and Models/player/ADMINTT


Instructions for uploading a model:

If you only have 1 model for the character, Ex: ModelLuisito.mdl , you just have to change the name " ModelLuisito.mdl " to " ADMINCT.mdl  /   ADMINTT.mdl "

If you have 2 models for the character, Ex: ModelAndres.mdl and ModelAndresT.mdl , you only have to enable the Precache box depending on whether it is TT or CT

Remove the "//" depending on the type of admin, be it TT or CT, the instructions are also inside the plugin.

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