Anti Camper's Radar

 Anti Camper's Radar

An anti camper plugin.

It doesn't aim to replace Brad's one or anyone's else. At all. It has almost no features.

I made it for use in my server because i want it to be like it is. It's differences to other anti-campers are that players considered to be camping appear in his enemy's radar and it has a different camping meter because i don't like hud text.

Camping meter:


Enemies camping:


It's measure system is based/almost copied from Brad's one.

In maps with hostages, T's can't camp.

In maps with bomb, CT's can camp. After bomb is planted CT's can't camp anymore, T's can.

(The difference here to Brad's one is that if there is no bomb and no hostages, no one can camp.)


anticamper_percent (80) (Percent after which a player is considered to be camping)

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