Back Weapons

 Back Weapons Plugin


.: Description :.

This will show your primary weapon on your back when you are not using it.

It was requested before but I could not find the thread anymore.

Current Weapon Supported:

- All rifles

- Smgs (mp5, ump, p90)

- Shotguns

- Machine gun

.: Credits :.

coca-cola - Creator of the new model.

hoboman - Used his optimized version of backweapon.

RazorBack - The original creator of the models.

.: Changelog :.

Version 1.0

Initial release.

Version 1.1

Fixed crashing bug.

Version 1.2

More stable version.

Version 1.3

Rewrote the plugin to fakemeta.

Instead of removing the backweapon when the player dies it only makes it invisible.

Version 1.4

Fixed invalid player issue.

Version 1.5

Fixed respawning issues.

Version 1.6 (BETA)

Rewrote plugin.

Version 1.7

hoboman's version.

Version 1.8

Only uses one model.

Version 1.81

Fixed offset.

Version 1.82

Fixed model big when spawning and using SMGs.

Version 1.83

Fixed model bug when getting stripped.

Version 1.84

Used a different method to detect weapon change.

Version 1.85

Fixed model bug when buying another primary weapon.

Version 1.86

Fixed model bug when dropping weapon.

Version 1.87

Fixe shield issues.

Download : Click Here

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