Grenade Many Color


Description: Details about what this plugin, you can go even review about this plugin

Name: Grenade Trail


Author: Jim


1. File grenade_trail.sma put it in addons / amxmodx / scripting

2. file grenade_trail.amxx put it in addons / amxmodx / plugins

3. Enter the file addons / amxmodx / configs / plugins.ini and add the following:


grenade_tr: default 2

0 – None

1 – Random Colors

2 – Specific Nade

3 – Team Specific

grenade_he “255000000” set the color trail of Hegrenade

grenade_fb “000000255” set the color trail of Flashbang

grenade_sg “000255000” set the color trail of Smokegrenade


This could use a more fatter line, it is EPIC because I can now finally see if there is a flashbang thrown in the air or not.

As for all. The instruction on how to do this is simple.

1. Open it. Extract the only thing into directory cstrike\addons\amxmodx\plugins

2. Once that is done. Go now to cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configs

3. In the plugins.ini go to the lowermost part of the .txt file

“; AMX Mod X plugins

; Admin Base – Always one has to be activated

admin.amxx ; admin base (required for any admin-related)

;admin_sql.amxx ; admin base – SQL version (comment admin.amxx)

; Basic

admincmd.amxx ; basic admin console commands

adminhelp.amxx ; help command for admin console commands

adminslots.amxx ; slot reservation

multilingual.amxx ; Multi-Lingual management

; Menus

menufront.amxx ; front-end for admin menus

cmdmenu.amxx ; command menu (speech, settings)

plmenu.amxx ; players menu (kick, ban, client cmds.)

;telemenu.amxx ; teleport menu (Fun Module required!)

mapsmenu.amxx ; maps menu (vote, changelevel)

pluginmenu.amxx ; Menus for commands/cvars organized by plugin

; Chat / Messages

adminchat.amxx ; console chat commands

antiflood.amxx ; prevent clients from chat-flooding the server

scrollmsg.amxx ; displays a scrolling message

imessage.amxx ; displays information messages

adminvote.amxx ; vote commands

; Map related

nextmap.amxx ; displays next map in mapcycle

mapchooser.amxx ; allows to vote for next map

timeleft.amxx ; displays time left on map

; Configuration

pausecfg.amxx ; allows to pause and unpause some plugins

statscfg.amxx ; allows to manage stats plugins via menu and commands

; Enable to use AMX Mod plugins

;amxmod_compat.amxx ; AMX Mod backwards compatibility layer

; Custom – Add 3rd party plugins here”

4. Underneath the “; Custom – Add 3rd party plugins here” put in the name of the file

ex. the name of the amxx is grenade_trail.amxx the name you will put under the ; Custom – Add 3rd party plugins here

will be grenade_trail.amxx

5. Save and close the document. Once that is done you can now start your game and enjoy the new grenade trail. and also if this helps you, You’re Welcome ^^,

Download : Click Here

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