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 Paintball Mod

Paintball mod is a game system that is played with air guns in our real life and has bullets made of colored paint cubes. This mod is adapted from counter strike. I tested it on my own machine, it works, it's an interesting mode Happy, the game actually has unique weapons and player models.

 Let me make a small note, paintball mod is a mod that has not yet been installed on turkey servers. I thought I'd search through game-monitor and game-tracker. I could not see a server where this mod is installed in Turkey threads. Maybe there is, but I haven't seen it. So what does that mean? The person who installed this mod will be one of the people who can bring this mod somewhere in Turkey. The only negative aspect is the excess of new files to be downloaded, that is, the lack of data with a connection speed that can download such files in a fast time under the conditions of English.

If he promotes it well, everyone will have a mod like that, it's terrifying, bla bla, Happywhat will happen, they will have made your advertisement. It seems to me that the one who installs this mod and advertises it well will win. I have this chance, but unfortunately I don't have time to deal with it.

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