Plugin [ZP] Laser Mine

Plugin [ZP] Laser Mine

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* 1.0:

- First Version.

* 1.1:

- Fixed bug that Lasermine Dont Works.

- Show Lasermine Owner Name.

- Make Random Color Of Glow/Line in raibom style (When Enable).

* 1.2:

- Fixed Bug: When Player Die and Lasermine dont removed

- Fixed Bug: Cant Plant If your Lasermine destroyed one time

* 1.3:

- Added: Solid Mode

* 1.4:

- Fixed Some Bugs

- Added Natives and Forwards

* 2.0:

- Fixed Some Error Logs.

* 2.1:

- Fixed Some Bugs.

- Added More Cvars for Easily Config.

* 2.2:

- Fixed More Error Logs

- Added Lasermine Main Menu for Personal Configuration

* 2.3:

- Fixed bug when R,G,B are equal to 0 for make line invisible

- Fixed bug when some time radius crashes the server

- New Main Menu Options (Choose Sprites/Models)

* 3.0:

- Added More Models

- Added Lang Support

* 3.1:

- Added More Sprites

* 3.2/3.3:

- Fixed More Error Logs

- Added More Cvars for Easily Config.

* 3.4:

- Fixed More Error Logs

- Added Model "Perfect Lasermine"

* 4.0:

- Fixed Some error logs

- Fixed Small bug when plant lasermine and lasermine does not stay in the wall

- Added one Cvar for define the max distance for remove the Lasermine

- Added mode for lasermine can kill entities (Like Oberon Boss and Others)

* 4.1:

- Improved Code

- Fixed Lang

* 4.2:

- Added more Models/Sprites for Lasermine

- Added Realistic Detail of Lasermine (Cut the laser when it passes over)

- End of Style "Rainbow" for Reduce Lag

- Fixed Native/Cvar Error Logs

- Improved Code

- Fixed Forward "zp_fw_lm_planted_pre"

- Removed Native "zp_get_lasermine_id"

- Removed CZ Tutor Print (Because some steam players have bug when show tutor in screen)

* 4.3:

- Fixed Error Log

- Fixed Neon Color Line Sprite (Color are rights. Now white color are white color even and not yellow color)

- Improved Dotted Line Sprite (More Dotts are appears now)

- Added cvars for enable lasermine in certain gamemode.

- Added Skin System

- Removed Red Eye Model

- Alien 2 (Dark Alien) are now skin of Alien 1

- Added Eyeball and Infinity Gauntlet LM Model

- Now are 9 models in 1 mdl (Need Update Resources)

- Some with Sprites - 10 sprites in 1 .spr (Need Update Resources)

- Added Sprites: Heartbeat, Love Heart, Amazing Stars, Skull

- Added Remove Glow Option (In choose glow menu)

- Updated Lang

- Added Extra Item Configuration 

- Added ZP Version Configuration

- Added Many Cvars (See the ltm_cvars.cfg)

- Added Lasermine Mode (Simple Explode or Normal lasermine) 

The plugin allows the player to place laser mines on walls or place laser streamers.

Purchase via chat (/lm), or via console (buy_lasermine)

Set mine - (+setlaser)

Remove YOUR mine - (+dellaser)

Cost: 2 ammopacks (configurable by CVAR in zp_ltm_cvars_ap.cfg)

Mines can only be broken by those who placed them and the opposite team

If the round has not started, or "Nemesis" or "Survivor", then the mines do not work. You can change it using CVARs.

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