Zombie Plague Special 4.3


Zombie Plague Special is an unofficial version edited from the base of ZPA 1.6.1 using stable, improved and optimized code that prevents server crashes and reduces lag. And some modes are added like Berserker, Predator, Bombardier (from ZP Shade), Wesker (from Zombie Apocalypse), Spy and Dragon.

Game modes:

- Normal modes: Single Infection, Multiple Infection, Swarm Mode, Plague Mode, Armageddon

- Special Modes: Nemesis, Survivor, Assassin, Sniper, Berserker, Predator, Wesker, Bombardier, Spy, Dragon

- Custom modes (if enabled ) ): Assassin Vs Sniper, Nightmare, Remix - Special custom classes (if enabled): Morpheus, Alien


Make sure your server has the main base.

Then download and throw everything in  your server's cstrike folder. done it READY.

Download : Click Here

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