Plugin: Amxx Piss

Version: 2.2

Author: KRoT@L (Based on TakeADookie by PaintLancer)

Modified by commonbullet to work with amxx

1.0 Release

1.1 Better effect

1.2 Bug fix

1.3 New effect + piss puddle

1.4a New effects, only for cs/cz/dod

1.4b New effects, only for other mods than cs/cz/dod

1.5 #define NO_CS_CZ added

1.6 Bug fix (DoD)

1.7 Bug fix

1.8 Some checks added

1.9 #define NO_CS_CZ changed into #define NO_CS_CZ

2.0 New cvar : amx_piss_effect

2.1 English & French language support

2.2 Removed knife model when pissing and added admin immunity


To piss on a dead body you have to bind a key to: piss

Open your console and write: bind "key" "piss"

ex: bind "x" "piss"

Then stand still above a dead player, press your key and you'll piss on them !

You can control the direction of the stream with your mouse.

You are not able to move or to shoot for 10 seconds when you piss, so beware.

The puddle of piss will appear where you are aiming at 2 seconds after you start pissing,

so try to aim at the dead body instead of the sky or a wall ;)

Players can say "/piss" in the chat to get some help.


amx_maxpees x - Maximum number of times a player is allowed to piss per round.

Default: 6

amx_piss_admin 0 - 0 : All the players are allowed to piss

1 : Only admins with ADMIN_LEVEL_A flag are allowed to piss

Default: 0

amx_piss_effect 0 - 0 : yellow bloodsprite

1 : yellow laserbeam

Default: 0


You need to put these files on your server:









Use amx_piss_cs_cz.amxx if you use CS or CS-CZ (player can't move).

Use amx_piss.amxx if you use another mod (dod, tfc, ...), or if you play CS/CS-CZ

and you want to be able to piss without being stuck.





Rastin for his trousers fly sounds

SLayer KL for his piss puddle models

Uncomment if you use another mod than CS and CSCZ, or if you use CS/CS-CZ and you want to be able to piss anywhere on the map (Not just near dead players) Uncomment anywhere in the sma file.

//#define NO_CS_CZ

Download : Click Here

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