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Battlefield 4, the game with a rich definition This game has been on the top of the best fighting games in the world, and since the moment of its release, game lovers have flocked to it in quantity only, and it has spread widely in the western world, and it was not limited to that only, but its fame reached the Arab world and it became the beloved game for everyone.

Recker, we will talk about it later, a member of the American Special Forces 
Tombstone and the task of Recker and his followers from the American special force is to save and preserve the lives of some important personalities in Shanghai, and this is due to the prevailing tension in relations that arose between China, Russia and America, which led to the outbreak of a strong political war between all parties, and here begins the role of the special forces team to prepare in the city of Shanghai to reach the personalities The task is to secure protection for them and get them out, but the task is not that simple, but they will face many other officers and they will be confronted with tanks, missiles and many soldiers of the Navy. 

The more you complete the stages, the greater the risk and the greater the complexity, and you have to adapt to the game in its data, stages, etc., and each stage differs from the other. Some stages are in large cities such as Shanghai and Hong Kong, and once in the great deserts of Egypt and some African countries, and each of these stages has different weapons and is proportional to The place you are in and the beautiful thing is that you can get assistants at every stage because your team will not always be complete in all stages.

The graphics of the game are very high, and this is what made the game more realistic. The graphics, walls, and landscapes. Even the characters are clear to a very high degree, wonderful, and the weapons in them are advanced, and even some of them do not exist in real life. Quick snaps and more.
And you can distribute tasks to the team that is with you to cover a specific area and the like, or even send them to assassinate someone.

Minimum requirements to run the game:- 
➤ Operating System: Windows Vista SP2 32 bit
➤ Processor (AMD): Athlon X2 2.8 GHz
➤ Processor (Intel): Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
➤ Memory: 4 GB
➤ Hard Disk: 30 GB
➤ Graphics Card: (AMD): AMD Redeon 3870
➤ Graphics Card: (Nvidia): Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT
➤ Graphics Memory: 512 MB The best requirements to run the game: -

➤ Operating System: Windows 8 64 bit
➤ Processor (AMD): Six core (FX 6100)
➤ Processor (Intel): Quad core (i5)
➤ Memory: 8 GB
➤ Hard Disk: 30 GB
➤ Graphics Card: (AMD): AMD Radeon 7870
➤ Graphics Card (Nvidia): Nvidia GeForce GTX 660
➤ Graphics memory: 3 Go Pictures from inside the game:-

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