Download Garena Free Fire: Booyah Day PC

 What is Free Fire game?

The game begins with about fifty unarmed players gathered in one place, and they are transported by plane to a remote island - Liberty Fire, where the player can choose the place he likes to jump out of the plane and use the parachute to land on the island Start the arms race, when you land you will be defenseless, you have to search for weapons And equipment in the houses on this island, you can also search for vehicles and use them for transportation, or crush other players, if you like a challenge, just choose an area crowded with players to start the game, but if you want to focus on survival, choose a quieter area.
The game contains two distinct areas, the red area and the safe area, and the safe area at the beginning of the game includes the entire island, and after a while the game will prompt you to shrink the safe area, and here you have to move to stay inside, because staying outside means that your health will diminish until you die, so you have to beware of changes to this area, this area will continue to harass until you force the last survivor to face every other survivor just bent, so in order not to waste time finding the needle in a haystack, the second area is the red area, move inside the safe area, you should avoid them, because falling into them will cause your site to be exposed to the enemy, and thus pose a danger to you, you are an easy target. The game continues until only one person survives.It can be played as a team or alone,

What is BlueStacks?

BlueStacks is an Android emulator that allows Windows or Mac users to run Android apps on their PC. Bluestacks was founded in 2011, it developed an open source Android emulation computer program

How to download free fire on computer 

There are many people who would like to download the Free Fire game on their computer, but of course, Garena Company did not release a copy for the computer, so some companies found a solution to this problem and created emulators that enable us to run everything related to phones on computers.
First, you have to download the BlueStacks program from the official website, then install it, enter the application and an interface similar to the phone will appear with you, now you only need to register your account on Google Play and download the game from it , and congratulations on the game.

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