Ping Faker 1.5

 Ping Faker


This plugin can fake the display of a player's latency (ping) shown on the scoreboard. Unlike the "fakelag" command, it does not affect the player's real latency in any way.

You can have all players report the same ping, or only fake it for those having a specific IP/SteamID. This last feature is especially useful when running a dedicated server from your own computer, when you don't want people to guess you're an admin/owner by looking at your low ping.


 Extract .amxx file to your plugins folder, and add its name to plugins.ini
 Extract .ini file to your amxmodx/configs folder


pingfake_enable <0/1> - Enable/disable ping faking
pingfake_ping <1337> - The ping you want displayed (min: 0 // max: 4095)
pingfake_flux <0> - Fake ping fluctuation amount (0 = none)
pingfake_target <0/1> - Whether to display fake ping to its target too
pingfake_bots <0/1/2> - Affect bots too (set to 2 for bots ONLY setting)
pingfake_multiplier <0.0> - Set this to have the fake ping be a multiple of the player's real ping instead of fixed values (0.0 = disabled)
pingfake_fileonly <0/1> - Enable this to fake pings ONLY for players listed on the .INI file


amx_fakeping <target> <ping> - Toggle fake ping override for player (use -1 to disable)
You can also have players automatically get fake pings according to IP/SteamID by editing the "fakepings.ini" file in your configs folder.

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