Christmas Trees Creator, v1.0.0

.: Christmas Trees Creator :.

Version: 1.0.0.

Author: AMX Mod Dev.

.: Description :.

This plugin allows you to create Christmas trees at the origins you are aiming.

The plugin does not have a "trees limit", but I do not recommend to put too many trees, especially when they are close between them, because the models's effects will slow down the clients FPS.

The trees are saved in a configuration file with the mapname ("amx/config/christmas_trees_creator" directory).

This is the ideal plugin in december, when Christmas is coming!

And you can couple it with other similar plugins (for the Christmas period), such as this one.

.: Images :.

.: Command :.

amx_treesmenu - Display Christmas trees creation menu.


The menu allows you to:

- Create a tree where you are aiming.

- Move up/down a tree you are aiming.

- Remove a tree you are aiming.

- Remove all the trees.

- Save all the current trees.

- Reload the trees configuration file (per map).

.: Available languages :.

English, French.

.: Requirements :.

AMX Mod v2010.1 or higher.

Compatible mods: All.

Download : Click Here

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